Clinical Research, Training & Consultancy

Welcome to the Research (CRTC) unit, Clinical Research, Training, and Consultancy (CRTC) Unit’s core responsibility is to effectively synchronize all health-related research, training, and projects in conjunction with both local and international partners.

CRTC Unit Roles and Responsibilities

The unit holds a vital role in establishing and periodically reviewing research policies, agendas, and compliance documents to foster an optimal research environment. By offering insightful recommendations to management, it strives to create a conducive space for research activities. This dedicated team actively seeks research funds, fosters both local and international collaborations, and spearheads the publication of the MOI Medical Journal while also releasing a monthly PIS bulletin. Effectively managing the unit’s budget and coordinating research and development initiatives for the Institute are among its key responsibilities. Moreover, the team ensures strict adherence to research ethics and endeavors to translate research findings into practical clinical applications. Additionally, the unit plays a crucial role in coordinating, processing, and approving applications from local and international students seeking research, rotation, internship, observership, volunteer, and fellowship programs.

Coordination details:

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