We are proud to present a dynamic and diverse array of partnerships that span across various disciplines in the medical field. Our commitment to advancing medical knowledge, enhancing patient care, and nurturing talent has led us to collaborate with esteemed institutions worldwide. Here are the cornerstones of our collaborations:

1. Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS): We are deeply involved in training initiatives with MUHAS, contributing to the development of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

2. China Medical Association (CMA): Our collaboration with CMA is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of neurosurgery, fostering knowledge exchange, and driving advancements in this critical field.

3. Tian Tan Hospital – China: Together with Tian Tan Hospital, we are at the forefront of neurosurgical breakthroughs, leveraging our combined expertise to deliver cutting-edge treatments and techniques.

4. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Bangalore India: Our collaboration with Ramaiah Memorial Hospital is focused on neurosurgery, ensuring that patients benefit from the most advanced procedures and compassionate care available.

5. Weill Cornell University – USA: In partnership with Weill Cornell University, we are shaping the future of neurosurgery, capitalizing on our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in patient care.

6. University of San Francisco – USA: Our collaboration with the University of San Francisco is dedicated to the field of orthopaedics, fostering an environment of research, education, and clinical practice.

7. Sign Nail – USA: With Sign Nail, we are driving forward the boundaries of Orthopaedic care, aiming to create lasting solutions that enhance patients’ quality of life.

8. AO Alliance – USA: Our collaboration with AO Alliance is centered around Orthopaedics, aiming to improve outcomes through research, education, and community engagement.

9. COSECSA: We are actively engaged with COSECSA to train and nurture the next generation of skilled surgeons, ensuring the sustainability of high-quality healthcare across the region.

10. Cure International: Our partnership with Cure International is focused on neurosurgery, enabling us to provide life-changing interventions to patients in need.

11. YASHODA Hospital India: Through collaboration with YASHODA Hospital, we are addressing chronic pain management, striving to alleviate suffering and improve patients’ quality of life.

12. Azam Media LTD: Our collaboration with Azam Media LTD extends into public education, aiming to empower communities with essential healthcare knowledge for informed decision-making.