Directorate of Nursing Services

Directorate Profile
The Directorate of Nursing Service at MOI plays a crucial role in providing compassionate and high-quality nursing care to all patients, regardless of their social or economic status. The Directorate is committed to following standard operating procedures to ensure that patients and their families receive safe and quality care.

Directorate Structure
The directorate comprises four sections, each headed by a manager:
1. Manager Inpatient Section (MIS)
2. Manager Outpatient Section (MOS)
3. Manager Housekeeping and Laundry (MHL)
4. Manager Social Welfare and Nutrition (MSWN)
In addition to the sections, there are thirteen units regulated by the ward/unit in charge, each responsible for delivering specialized nursing care to patients in specific areas of the hospital.

Staff Composition:
The Directorate is supported by a dedicated team of 260 staff members, including:
– 149 Registered Nurses with various specialties
– 10 Social Workers
– 3 Nutritionists
– 98 Health Attendants

Functions of the Directorate:
The Directorate of Nursing Service is responsible for several key functions to ensure the well-being and safety of patients and families, including:
1. Providing Compassionate Care: The primary focus is to provide compassionate and equitable nursing care to all patients, regardless of their social or economic backgrounds.
2. Policy Formulation: The directorate is involved in formulating policies and regulations related to nursing services and quality care.
3. Nurse Allocation and Development: The directorate is responsible for allocating nurses to different wards and units and developing plans for their professional growth and development.
4. Stabilizing and Caring for Patients: The nursing staff are trained to stabilize and care for patients with unstable conditions, particularly those who have undergone neurological trauma, neurosurgical interventions, or complex surgeries.
5. Promoting Patient Nutritional Status: The directorate ensures that patients receive standard feeding as per guidelines to promote their nutritional status.
6. Clinical and Supportive Supervision: Regular clinical and supportive supervision is conducted to ensure that patients receive quality nursing care and that the safety of patients, staff, relatives, and the environment is maintained.
7. Teaching and Training: The nursing staff plays an important role in teaching nursing students, new staff, and intern nurses in specialized areas related to ward specialties.
8. Oversight of Hospital Cleaning and Linen: The directorate oversees the cleanliness of the hospital and the management of hospital linen to maintain a hygienic environment for patients.
Overall, the Directorate of Nursing Service is dedicated to providing excellent nursing care and ensuring the safety and well-being of patients. The diverse team of competent and ethical nursing professionals strives to maintain high standards of care and make healthcare services accessible and affordable to all patients.