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Date : 05 Feb 2015

Posted on 05 Feb 2015


Dr. Magreth Mhando the Chief Medical Officer from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has launched the third MOI workers Council at Tanga Beach Resort. The Council will held its meeting for two days from 5th to 6th February 2015 with more than 70 representatives from various Units and departments.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the Council, Dr. Mhando said that Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) is doing a commendable job by providing better treatment services to Tanzanians hence saving lives of those who had encountered accidents or any other injuries. She encouraged MOI workers to keep that working spirit because the country has trust on the elegance of health services offered at MOI

In her words Dr. Mhando said “I am pleased to inform you that the Ministry has sent me to Launch this Council but I personally congratulate you for this Baraza meeting because it implies the sense of participatory decision making process and that is Good governance”

Dr. Mhando argued the representatives to utilise the opportunity they have by making sure that they give wise constructive contributions that will help the Institute to reach solutions for various Challenges encountered by MOI focusing on MOI Phase III project completed by 90% and is expected to start its operation within this financial year 2015/2016.

Speaking during the Welcoming note, Executive Director Dr. Othman Kiloloma said the Institute assisted the government to rescue more than Tshs 15.4 Billion which could have been used for referring patients outside the country. That is due to presence of Specialised Surgeries such as Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Fracture management using SIGN nail technology, Brain surgeries and Spine Stabilization Surgeries.

Also Dr. Kiloloma said MOI has been pointed out by Sign Nail Group as “A Centre of Excellence” in the world for Sign Nail based surgeries where Doctors from various countries gather at MOI so as to learn how to perform those surgeries, that is because of high volume of surgeries which are performed at MOI whereas more than 4500 patients benefited by this technology.

MOI is among the few government institutions which abide by “Good Governance” policies in which workers can have the opportunity to participate actively in decision-making on matters pertaining to the institute through workers Councils Meetings.


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