Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Taasisi ya Mifupa Muhimbili(MOI)

Offering Services in Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, and Traumatology


Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute Laboratory is a full service clinical laboratory that provides testing services to physicians, hospitals and patients. It is founded in 2003, and has maintained its status as the laboratory of choice for MOI clients (internal and external), doctors and patients who demand the highest quality of personal service with regard to medical standards.


- Our Laboratory is devoted in providing convenient, accurate and reliable testing services. For over 10 years, our Laboratory has offered its patients the convenience and accurate results in a timely manner. The services offered to our laboratory are made-in-order to meet demands of clinicians with the urge of giving quick service to our clients (internal and external clients).

- MOI Laboratory has well experienced staffs that employ advanced technology while maintaining the highest standard of quality control of the service offered effectively and efficiently. We also receive samples from the National Quality Laboratory as External Quality Control Assessment and we obtain excellent performance.

- Since MOI is a learning institution do receive students from MUHAS and our Laboratory is used as a research laboratory for Postgraduate students who opted to perform the services we offered.


CBC/Diff/Platelets HIV Antibody Urinalysis                                    PT/INR   Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Stool Routine

PTT   Hepatitis C Antibody Malaria Test                                       Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Widal Test MRDT

Blood Group and Rh Factor Rheumatoid Factor                          Haemoglobin ASOT

CRP                                                                                                     VDRL/RPR   


Compatibility Testing


Electrolytes Triglycerides LDH CCP                                             Urea Blood Sugar Amylase Hepatitis Panel

Creatinine SGOT/AST LDL Cholesterol   RFT                              Gamma GT   SGPT/ALT HDL Cholesterol   LFT’s

Uric Acid Albumin Bilirubin Direct                                                    Phosphorous Total Protein Calcium

Cholesterol Bilirubin Total Alkaline Phosphatase

Future Plans:

Our Goal is to provide full range of missing tests like Microbiological and Histopathological services to our patients. We strive for Quality laboratory testing and excellence in service provision in order to assist in delivering the best patient care for the achievement of better health for all.   

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