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Taasisi ya Mifupa Muhimbili(MOI)

Offering Services in Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, and Traumatology

Kurugenzi ya Ufundi


As the name implies, the directorate provides technical support to the hospital.

The directorate aims to provide the highest standard of services.  It delivers a range of maintenance and repair services, The primary charge of the Directorate of Technical Service is to maintain the physical environment and provide related services to support the Institutes in reaching its goal and objective of excellence in delivering quality Health care .

The directorate is divided in four sections namely Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Biometrical Engineering sections. Member of this doctorate invariably are responsible to provide a safe, functional, supportive and affective environment for patients, staff, and others who come to our hospital facilities



The responsibility of an electrical technician is to install, check, connect and sustain the electrical systems. The electrical technician has to maintain all the electronic controls for operations like communications, power supply and many other fields within the hospital.

This section is also concerned in performing all the maintenance and inspection work of the electrical circuits and settings.


This section, is concerned in carrying out planned or unplanned maintenance and repair activities on a wide range of equipment and machinery e.g. pumps, compressors, generators


This section deals with the maintenance of the building, plumbing, etc

Generally, the sections listed above are responsible for the maintenance of the inbuilt hospital equipment/machines, furniture and basic repairs of the building.



Most of our physical plants and equipment are maintained through a preventive maintenance program and the maintenances are available 24 hours


Some of the outsourced service works mentioned below are supervised under this directorate

· Chiller plant

· Main Central UPS equipment

· Theatre and ICU Medical equipment and machinery

· Fire extinguisher and fire water systems

· Water treatment plant

· Standby Generators

· Orthopaedic Workshop machine

· Air conditioners


Care for our environmental and its surroundings in terms of waste disposal by way of incineration of clinical waste and proper disposal of non- clinical and hazardous waste have successfully done throughout the year


The doctorate manage utilities like Medical gases, Electricity and safe water


 Every physical item has its life and when the life time ends replacement is a absolute must. Therefore the Directorate coordinate all replacement of written off equipments with the new one as well as the maintenances to make sure that they work properly


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